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Mar. 20th, 2010



Lady's plug me on facebook since I never get on here anymore.... Add me..

Jun. 6th, 2009


The latest and greatest in cakes

While Im uploading 2 photos of my latest cakes I figured I would share. The first one is for a 09 graduate she loves Elvis.. and the 2nd for my friend Amanda and her Luau Party last night.

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Apr. 5th, 2009


Sunday AM

Hi everyone. Im still alive and very much kicking. Just non-stop busy. I promise I still keep up with you guys lives once a week I hop on for the scoop.

As for me and my family we are great.

Everyone is doing wonderful. My life is just SOOO busy working full time and once I get home at 530 its a rush of dinner, baths and play. Weekends are cram packed.

Im still very much into working out and losing weight. SLOWLY but surely. Im done 15 lbs since the new year I feel wonderful.

My Marriage is flourishing and we are in love. :)

The kids are adorable and growing way to fast.

Today is Easter Egg Hunt at the church so they are both looking forward to that. Ive been working on their basket for what feels like weeks. Picking up little items here and there to make it vs spending 30+ at Walmart for crap in a basket. BTW Walgreens has their 64pk Crayola Crayons with the sharpner built in on sale for 1.99 this week (normally costing 5.99). Gonna add that to Skyler's basket and their diapers are B1G1 50% off making them 4.99 a pack. The Walgreens brand is the same company that makes Parent's Choice Diapers at Walmart. If you go back to the pharmacy and ask for the coupon book (it says 50dollars in savings on the front and is a trifold) it has a 2.00 off per pack coupons in there making the diapers 2.50 a pack. This happens every few months and I stock pile on diapers and pull ups for months to come :) Liam's 2nd birthday is approaching us next week! He chose tractors for his theme.. My lil' country boy. Ive got a wedding cake to do for this coming up Saturday. My first offical wedding cake. :/ SCARED YES!

I gotta get my hair blown out and straighten and wake the kids. I'll leave you with a photo from last weeks photo shoot with a local photographer.

Jan. 25th, 2009


2009 Weight Loss Journey

One of my few resolutions this year was to get off the extra weight. I knew what this would require both healthy eating and working out. The first part is a matter of planning for me the second part being the struggle.
I had already canceled my YMCA membership. Finding no time to use it now that I wasn't staying home with the kids. Add in the Mom guilt of leaving them at yet, another daycare service, vs spending time with them.
Adrian (a coworker and friend) were discussing this issue over lunch one day. We came up with a great yet would we REALLY do it plan. Wake up before out kids were up and before we had to do our morning routines and go the gym together.
We are 2 weeks into it. Successful! Workout starts at 4 AM and stops at 5 AM crazy? Yes, but Im soo dedicated. I have no guilt of leaving the kids nuzzled in their beds asleep with Daddy. Ive lost weight and inches and i feel fit.
Lucky for me Adrian has been down the personal trainer 6days a week road. She knows all the Ins and Outs of dieting and exercise. So shes my coach through all this. Im on a VERY strict food plan and the exercise has me sore all the time. I love the challenge thou. I can already see results so that pushes me even more.

Jan. 20th, 2009



My 90days will hit the 31st of this month. So full transition into full time working Mom has finally adjusted for the kids and myself.

My job title is : Cytotechnologist Tech

What does that intell?

I run the Cytology Lab for GI Pathology. The company primarily deals with GI specimens however we do surgicals as well. The Cytology Lab deals with tiny cellular specimens. We see no patients the doctors use us to process what they collect and send them back the results.

In my lab my 2 primary specimens are: Pap Smears and Esophageal Brushings.
In addition to Non-GYN specimens:
Gastric washings/brushings, Urine, Bladder washes, Pleural fluid, Ascitic fluid, Pericardial fluid, CSF, Fine needle aspirations, Sputum, Bronchial washings/brushings, and BAL.
I receive them via doctors offices and hospital's.

I accession the specimens once they are delivered by gross description and inputting the patients information into our client software. Next comes the lab part were I spin down the cells to put on a slide to manually dip in 20 different solutions/dye's. Once coverslipped I send it over to the Dr. Lazar for him to diagnosis. He hands me back the results and I input that into the client software and send the doctors the results and sometimes the patient as well. I also have to do all my own inventory and ordering.
Thats in a nut-shell what I do.

However, it doesn't stop there. Once Ive done my work for the day I venture out into other departments to help out.
Embedding tissue or grossing in specimens in the main lab for the Pathologist.

Hence, not alot of down time :)

If you wanna know more specifics just ask. I could go on and on about it...

I love my job, I love my company and coworkers. Its awesome to come to work to a job you love and look forward to.

Jan. 12th, 2009


Monday's Groove Thing..

So getting into my Monday Groove. Im gonna update. But first I wanna know what you gal's wanna hear about? There so many things I could update on.. Ideas:
1. My new job
2. Marriage
3. Kids
4. Picture Dump
5. 2009's healthy living adjustments..

Or.. whatever you wanna know...

Jan. 7th, 2009


Holiday Party 60's Theme

Remember how my company was throwing the Holiday 60's Themed party? I have a photo to make you laugh.
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Jan. 6th, 2009


Over the Hill

I feel... old. Old isn't bad, not when you have the perks of being old - grown children, grand children, and someone who has been getting old right along side of you. But old alone? Tough.
Provisions, its up to me to see it. Its up to me to embrace it. It hardly ever looks like what you expect or comes from the place you thought it would. Im sure this is what makes Him God, and us, simple benefactors. Its not about life settings and having or not having.

Where did this all come from? My Dad's 50th birthday, today. We did a shin-dig over the weekend. With 25 close friends dressed in black and a big SURPRISE awaiting him around the corner. Surprised? that he was!

Resolutions? .. 2 actually.
1. To update in here weekly.
2. Weight, always weight.
Kick off for both start today.

Dec. 27th, 2008




My den is just indescribable.

I got up at 3:30 for some tackling of the christmas presence that overtook my den. My couch, my floor I haven't seen either in days!
Our routine was go to X house unwrap, eat, and unload into the den. Rinse repeat over and over again.

I can actually sit on my couch now while untwisting hundreds more twisty ties. I have 27 Dresses to watch while doing so.

Back to that. ...

Merry Christmas

Nov. 29th, 2008


4 Day Weekends!

Im enjoying our 4 day weekend. I also got a early Christmas gift from the hubby. A new lens for my Rebel XT. So here are some shots with the 50mm.
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